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Discover the ultimate luxury jewellery at DIAMO LUCE!

Our pieces are both timeless and distinctive, crafted with exceptional quality and only the finest materials, making each one a unique extension of your individual style and personality.

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Diamo Luce


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Our collections match and outshine famous brands in terms of the highest quality and flawless design in order to emphasise your status.


Design made by you

Our team of experts will work with you to craft a truly unique piece tailored to your exact specifications and reflecting your individual style and taste. Whether you want to customise stone size, colour, clarity or design, we'll help bring your vision to life. Invest in a design made by you!

The production stage takes up to 5 weeks and starts after clearing an advance payment (50-100% depending on the complexity of your piece).




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A woman holding her neck and demonstating Diamo Luce earring

Who we are

DIAMO LUCE is a luxury jewellery brand based in Tallinn, Estonia, dedicated to the pursuit of diamond perfection to match the perfection of the woman.

A bust of ancient Roman human grabbed by the female hands with Diamo Luce rings

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of bringing light, warmth, and love to your life through our diamonds is reflected in our name…

A green rare sapphire held in white gloves by the Diamo Luce founder

Our commitment

We are committed to using only the highest quality materials and stones, with full transparency regarding their provenance.